Hi and welcome! I'm Rosamund Edwards, founder of Vibrant Nutrition. The Vibrant Nutrition web shop is an arm of our health, therapeutic massage and consultancy business.

My background includes many years working as a certified neuromuscular therapist (that is, advanced massage therapist.)

I'm passionate about sharing with YOU the amazing natural health products we have available to our clients - all at fantastic, affordable prices!

Our Vision

We quite simply would like to offer you top-quality products at the best price possible to make them affordable, and to provide excellent service along the way.

Vibrant Nutrition promotes only products made by top-quality brands (many NZ-made), that we believe promote having the best possible energy levels and health. In recent years, some wonderful wholefood-based supplements and superfoods like chia have started to gain new exposure, but sometimes we are at a loss as to how to use them! Inspired by preparing home-made recipes using these superfoods, we have a blog with some great recipes and ideas of how these whole foods and protein supplements can be used in practical, everyday ways!

Message from Rosamund

For a number of years I have read, and still do read a lot about nutrition, including researched articles citing studies and written by highly educated commentators. I have been usingRosamund Edwards and recommending the range of nutritional foods & supplements found here for a while.  Working with people in my massage clinic, I found that many clients benefited from mineral supplementation. For example, magnesium is necessary for many body functions including muscle relaxation (releasing tension), dealing with stress, and getting good sleep! It's quite hard to get enough these days, even with a great diet.  For deficiency of some vital nutrients like minerals, it can be easier to take a formulated supplement that has been specially created to enhance absorption, such as Sleepdrops Essential Sleep and Stress Nutrients which is designed to provide optimal absorption of magnesium.

Alongside my career in natural health, I have worked as a consultant business analyst. In speaking with colleagues, I found that many ‘ordinary’ folk are in need of a big nutritional boost to their diets, but it must be in ways that are simple, practical, and affordable! I found that many people are struggling with energy levels, sleep, and other symptoms, (and sometimes are feeling alone in this.) I found myself naturally recommending some excellent products to provide a nutritional boost, and my colleagues were having success!

For example, the addition of some easily digestible protein like Nuzest's Clean Lean product also benefits many people - not only sports people - especially when taken at breakfast or for an afternoon boost to balance energy and blood sugar levels.

Vibrant Nutrition offers nutritional information based on my experiences and personal journey towards a healthy, nutritious diet full of variety! I am dedicated to providing top quality natural/ organic and whole food products that can be incorporated into a healthy, well balanced diet and lifestyle. The products I sell are only those that I believe can support a healthy, well rounded lifestyle and are not intended to cure any disease. I have tried all the products I recommend and not only endorse them, I am passionate about them! 

As with everything, judge the information presented here with your own knowledge, life experience and gut feeling! Every Body is different, and has different needs right now - so trust your instincts.

Please send any feedback on our website or product queries to ros@vibrantnutrition.co.nz, I will be happy to reply.

Happy browsing,