Amazonia Raw Energy

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Amazonia Raw energy/workout is a unique slow-release, electrolyte-dense superfood formula designed to support energy, stamina and hydration.

With a powerful blend of live superfoods, concentrated sea minerals, isotonic coconut water, nutrient-dense seeds and traditional herbs, this special blend has been developed to assist in providing a real and steady flow of energy, supporting a busy or active lifestyle.

Amazonia Raw energy/workout is a comprehensive blend of ingredients that invigorate and revitalise, which can be taken in the morning or before, during and post-exercise to help you power through.

  • Contains the herbs ginkgo, ginseng, gotu kola & yerba mate
  • Slow release energy
  • Freeze-dried coconut water
  • Contains pre-probiotics to feed good gut bacteria & digestive enzymes
  • Live and activated superfoods
  • Alkalising and Vegan
  • Nothing artificial; no synthetic nutrients or minerals

    Nutritional Information

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    Free from wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, corn and GMOs

    *Certified Organic

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