Amazonia Raw Fermented Paleo Protein (Organic)

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Amazonia Raw fermented paleo protein is a delicious wholefood formula that combines a nourishing sprouted base with fermented seeds and greens to create a comprehensive paleo-friendly protein blend. Fermentation allows for high-bioavailability of nutrients in a form that is gentle on the digestive system. This special blend also includes superfoods such as whole Peruvian sacha inchi, fermented spirulina, quinoa and chia.

With just under 80% digestible protein that is vegan and grain-free, Amazonia Raw fermented paleo protein provides high levels of amino acids essential for muscle development and body functioning in a wholefood form, making it the superior choice for many athletes and nutritionists.

  • Available in delicious Vanilla-Lucuma flavour
  • Paleo-diet and digestion-friendly, due to the combination of nutritious, fermented foods created to provide a boost in highly bio-available dietary protein
  • Gut-friendly: contains over 13 strains of probiotics and prebiotics (prebiotics means food for the probiotics)
  • Delicious creamy taste, sugar free and low in carbs
  • ~ 80% pre-digested, cultured protein
  • Nothing artificial or synthetic
  • Dairy, Wheat, GMO, Soy & Nut free
  • Certified Organic


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Fermented Paleo Wholefood Protein Blend 24.25g (Sprouted, Fermented Whole Golden Pea Husk*, Whole Sacha Inchi*, Fermented Spirulina*, Fermented Spinach*, Fermented Sweet Potato*, Fermented Pumpkin Seed*, Fermented Sunflower seed*, Fermented Flaxseed*, Fermented Alfalfa Seed*, Fermented Millet*, Fermented Quinoa* & Fermented Chia*, <0.05% Molasses added for the fermentation process>), Natural Vanilla Lucuma Blend 575mg (Natural Vanilla Flavour*, Lucuma*, Stevia*)

*Certified Organic

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