Good Health Organic Cacao 250g (Raw)

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Certified Organic!

Raw Cacao Powder provides a healthy cocoa alternative because it retains the nutrients nature intended. Regular cocoa loses a lot of these when it is roasted. Add to smoothies, baking, ice cream, coffee or simply make a healthy chocolate drink. For recipe inspiration, visit our chocolate blog.

May help boost antioxidant levels, energy and mental stamina, and support those with cardiovascular conditions.

Serving suggestions:

This delicious cacao powder is best used in its raw form in raw chocolate/ treats or to add some delicious chocolatey flavour in your smoothies or shakes. Or enjoy as a delicious hot drink with a little milk & maple syrup/ sweetener. You can even sprinkle it onto your morning cereal for a chocolately hit!

Raw cacao powder can also be used like regular cocoa in baking, and may still contain higher nutrient levels than regular cocoa. (It's also organic, so no nasty pesiticides or additives.)

Nutritional Information:

Ingredients:  100% Raw, Organic Cacao Powder

Cacao contains powerful antioxidants and nutrients to support many health conditions including cardiovascular health and anti-aging.

Contains no gluten, egg, dairy, yeast, soy, wheat, artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners or artificial colours. Suitable for vegans/ vegetarians and paleo diets.


Serving suggestions:

Add to smoothies, baking, desserts. coffee, or simply make a healthy hot or cold chocolate drink.

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