Lifefoods Organic Mesquite Powder

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Certified Organic!

LifeFoods Organic Mesquite Powder is rich in minerals, with a sweet and slightly caramely taste. It makes a fantastic sweet addition to raw food treats and smoothies. Mesquite was a staple food for hundreds of years for people living in the South and Central American desert and provided them with a great source of nutrition.

  • Mesquite contains calcium, which is vital for maintaining strong and healthy bones.
  • Mesquite powder is said to be rich in magnesium, an essential mineral in the body that assists with hormonal health, heart health, and helps your muscles work effectively.
  • Contains the essential minerals Potassium, Iron and Zinc, which also play a vital role in keeping your body functioning optimally.
  • A good source of the amino acid Lysine, which helps with the absorption of Calcium, and help syour body produce antibodies which aid in fighting sickness
  • Contains high levels of dietary fibre, which is important for us to maintain digestive health and to keep our bowels regular and may aid in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.


    Serving suggestions:

    Chia has many uses and makes a great addition to a healthy, balanced and energising breakfast. Chia can be simply sprinkled onto yoghurt, added to muesli/ cereal, or added to smoothies. The seeds swell up and absorb liquid so you can even make your own instant chia "porridge" just by adding milk! Chia can also be added to salad or many other dishes to give a nutritional boost throughout your day.


    Nutritional Information:

    Ingredients: Contains 100% organic mesquite powder.

    Please see product data image for full nutritional data.

    Contains no gluten, dairy, soy, wheat. Suitable for vegans/ vegetarians and paleo diets.

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