Lifefoods Organic Cacao Butter (Raw)

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Certified Organic!

Raw Cacao Butter is perfect for making delicious raw chocolate and chocolate flavoured treats and desserts. 

Traditionally it has also been used as a moisturiser and massage oil, being especially good for babies' bottoms as it is rich in vitamin E, it is also a great addition to natural organic based cosmetics such as soaps and lip balms.  

Not only does Cacao Butter add a certain richness to your food but retains all its important nutrition as LifeFoods Raw Cacao Butter has been cold-pressed, and is certified organic.


Serving suggestions:

Is wonderful for using to make raw chocolates or for a variety of desserts and treats.  Cacao butter gives a wonderful richness to baking and raw recipes, such as Raw Beetroot Chocolate Brownies. 

Can also be  melted onto toast, scones, pancakes etc as a delicious, rich, 'chocolately' replacement for butter.

Can be used to moisturise skin or as an ingredient to home-made skincare products


    Nutritional Information:


    Contains 100% raw cacao butter.

    • Cacao has a unique type of fibre in it which is extremely perfect for human digestion and no matter if it has been blended or micronized it will still aid bowel movements.
    • This rich butter is composed of essential fatty acids Omega-6 which are important for your brain function, they help your skin and hair to replenish and help you maintain strong bones whilst regulating metabolism.
    • In cacao butter there is monounsaturated Omega-9 which is also called oleic acid (is what is found in olive oil) and may be good for the health of our heart.
    • It is a plentiful source of Vitamin E making it great for your skin.

    Contains no gluten, dairy, soy, wheat. Suitable for vegans/ vegetarians and paleo diets.

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