Nuzest Clean Lean Protein large - 1kg

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Stay fuelled and restored with this easily digestible and alkalising protein.

Protein supplementation may assist with appetite management, exercise recovery/ muscle growth and repair, and general health and nutritional balance.

This protein powder is highly palatable, comes in 5 delicious flavours, is all-natural, vegan/ vegetarian, and dairy/ nut/ soy free. 

The 1kg size offers great value with 40 recommended daily serves of 2 scoops. (1 scoop per day is also helpful).

It's suitable for kids, as well as pregnant or breast-feeding mothers.

Proudly made in New Zealand

Nutritional Information:

Please view product label image for list of ingredients and nutritional data. 

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein is non-GMO (European) golden pea protein which has an alkalising effect on the body which may assist with detoxification and a lift in energy.

Serving Suggestions:

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein is fantastic for making smoothies, adding to breakfast cereal, or for adding to your favourite baking and treats.

One other huge advantage over other proteins we have tried is that it's naturally sweet and does not require the addition of sweeteners.



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