Whey Protein Bars - Chocolate and Coffee

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You may not always have the time to make a protein shake around a busy lifestyle or workout schedule.  That’s where a high-quality protein bar can come in handy. And not just any protein bar. This Premium Whey Bar with Chocolate & Coffee is made from a unique combination of milk chocolate, whey protein concentrate, and crunchy coffee bean.

This Protein bar stands apart from other whey protein bars out there because it:

  • Does not contain artificial sweeteners or chemical additives
  • Contains only the finest whey protein concentrate and milk chocolate
  • Provides muscle-building branch chain amino acids and leucine
  • Comes loaded with protein (9g in every bar) and essential amino acids
  • Is free of pesticides and soy
This Premium Whey Bar with Chocolate & Coffee tastes like a gourmet milk chocolate bar with crunchy coffee bits – but without all the sugar and artificial sweeteners found in most bars.
They are an ideal snack for a quick energy boost when you’re pressed for time or traveling – toss a few bars into your bag for a quick pick-me-up containing lasting energy.


Nutritional information:

Please view product label image for full details.

Contains Dairy and Lecithin from Sunflower Seeds. Manufactured in a facility that processes peanut containing products.



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